Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Its a dream in a cup!

He shot me and I felt it hard. My life changed when he pointed me in her direction. He told me I would fall for her harder then any one I have fell for before. I think he was right. She was everything I wanted in a girl. Her smiled peirced my heart and made me want her more. Her eyes put the stars to shame, I knew they were meant to be stared at. I thought about her everyday of every minute. I loved her. I still do.


I closed my eyes and there we were standing on a bridge in a dark highway still under construction. We were talking about life and other things friends talk about, then she jumped to the dark water below and told me to jump to. I didn't hesitate and jump, I trusted her. Not just any trust. I would have Sky dived from the Empire State Bulding if she said we would survive. I hit the water and it was shallow, she smiled. So we walked through this water still talking about things that didn't matter and she turned around and splashed me but I didn't get wet. I splashed back and she laughed. At that moment My confidence rose from rock bottom and everything I used to feel washed away and I asked her "will you go out with me?" She stared back with this feeling me just wanting to get in her pants and sayed back "go out with you?" I laughed and told her that every second of everyday I think about her and that I never thought of her in a sexual way only her smile and personality started pulling at my heart strings the first moment i laid eyes on her. She smiled I smiled and she said yes. We walked side by side holding hands through this shallow pit under the broken down highway. We took this giant leap to the highway and walked till we ended up at a party where we were sitting on a sofa listening to music and everybody was dancing. She put her head on my shoulder and smile and I smiled.


The Brownies....Much <3