Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Miss My Bubbie. BFFF, I hope...

It almost time for the Collective to be reunited and when it does it will never be the same. I know I will have to let go sooner or later but I hope its never. I mean he is my best friend. That friendship that where everybody looks out for each other back. The kind where there are no arguments but very powerful debates. The kind you where you just know that no matter what happens in the future there is no one in the world who can replace him. He is 99.9% of my Social Life. If you check my phone he would be the most texts received and the most calls sent. And this Sooner crap, the stuff that kills friendships, has no place in my heart. I know nobody reads my blog but I just like it when I am able to express the thoughts in this clouded mind of mine. I call him Bubbie. I treat him more like a brother then I do my own brothers but hey it can't hurt. I wanted this friendship to be the one where there was never anything wrong to say but people are wrong, Life is just like Sims The Second Installment. Sure you might be best friends and one second you can tell dirty jokes and the next second its a negative. I guess all friendships are doomed at one point or another. I jut hope its not ours. Long Distance no prob. We just have to work harder. 7 years later I want to add 10 more, is there some kind of Friendship Renewal Thingy I am missing out on? Best Fucking Friends Forever.

The Brownies....Much <3