Monday, November 17, 2008

Coffee for the soul, but not to much!

To enable reactions in that thing I call a brain, my imagination needed to be shocked into a certain mode where thoughts became reality. The search for the perfect location lead me to my high school stomping grounds. It was sweet pictures in my head and then I saw it Rubie told me it would be better then the gas station I was thinking about at first, and I hate to say but will with honesty, She was right! I love it and hope things go great.

Don't want yes men!

Tapping in to my business dashboard, going with thoughts swirling in my head, I feel I feel that my team needs a much sit down or video conference. I need more then a yes here and a yup there I need a challenge and click Save. Input is a key to success.

While in the moment of disbelief he stands!

I miss bubbie, he so cool. JJ is alive! must be wondering how life is going around the world. would much like to go to boston and have fun. Expand pipeline capacity an cut back on spending for military will help put Houston on the right track!


The Brownies....Much <3