Thursday, January 15, 2009

Flying not so high

Sorry guys things have been hectic, but I am here to bring you up to speed.
Things around here were okay until the recent death of our dog, Marley, by
distemper. I get my ID tomorrow yey lol. I can't wait and then hopefully I
start HCC February 14 That would be fun.

This Break I hung with the gang and threw toilet paper at peoples
Just kidding. I did hand with the peoples but no tee-peeing houses. I know You
wish I did but you can't get your way. pool, coffee, visiting our old stomping! We did okay but nothing I really wanted to get done while my bud
was in town for the holidays. But you know things won't go down if you don't put some effort into getting what you want.

We all make mistakes and things change like always you don't remember people's names
but you only remember faces. You fall for the ones you feel more attracted to and that makes it harder for you to trust others again. A true friend always stabs you in the front. Friends leave not something you can get over overnight after you shared everything together. But time moves forward and so must you.

We must make due with what we have because if it still here then that is that is what you must cherish the most.


The Brownies....Much <3