Friday, December 19, 2008

A project worth my time!!

Sorry I haven't been on in a long time because I have been busy and this project is now ready for demo. Not every thing is ready but it is working great!

Pokemon Professor: Search for the Missing Pikachu

I am using RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials by Peter O to make this game.

Experience: This is my fifth game project I'm making... I so far work alone.

Helpers NEEDED:
-Person with lots of ideas (fluffers)

My Background:
2 months pass and I work alone. My idea is to create a Pokefan game different from all of the others. I have seen you play as a trainer overdone and some where you play as a pokemon. I just needed a new idea. I think it might be Original. So I opened up RPG XP and set out to create the first ever
Pokemon Professor Game.

The Story:
Five years go by and you build your self a reputation as one of two of the leading pokemon professors
in Pepper Town. You best friend Toby who is also your partner in founding the Pepper Pokemon Research Center. A year after Ash beat the elite four you recieve a email from Professor Pine of Jubulent Station. She tells you that ash was attacked and pikachu was pokenapped and its up to you to find out who or what did it and retrieve the lost pokemon.

The Actors:
You: A work hungry professor and co-Founder of Pepper Pokemon Research Center. The last five years has been full of hard work and tons of book study. You spent most of your lifetime in your office barried under paper work and 80 page reports. Now you get to prove that all that hard work has paid off.
Toby: Your best friend and co-Founder of Pepper Pokemon Research Center. He has been work on cloning pokemon utilizing the resources of the Center. He has succeeded in his studies and now plans to help you solve this case that has shaken the pokemon community.
Rubie: Leader of new founded group known as the PokePeace Society, who believe that pokemon can live side by side in unity and as equals and will stop at nothing to protect that belief.
Game info:
* New Rival group
* Lots New Trainers
* New Mapping for old Areas
* New Items, Characters, and Professors
* No Gym Leaders

I will post new info, just tell me what you think if you think necessary.



The Brownies....Much <3