Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am a imposer and I have to be.

I new what I wanted but never spoke up. People disagreed and I let them have their way. What does it take to get three people on the same page while trying to let everyone be happy? its not possible. We won't be on the same length...I know I am the Business guy but I needed help and nobody stepped up to at least understand how important this was for me, for us, no one. I know no pointing fingers. I love my friends I hope they love me. But I guess I now have to do this on my own instead of having them there to back me up, its something I must do. I hate calling the guy and telling him we can't make it because time constraints. Jared told me to call him, so I did. But now we never went when we had the chance to meet with him because he told me to be more business like. I love him for that. But at the same time I hate people telling me things then not helping me follow through sure I might have to wait till the summer for him to come back to town but I need to talk to the contact now or needed to talk to him a week ago. We had the time, but nobody wanted to step foot in that place. So I guess I need to stop imposing business on my friends and keep it to my self. I tried to hold a good business meeting but nobody wants that, sorry for being boring, but I am trying to get somewhere Nothing against you but I needed to get my thought out. I chose you guys because I needed back up and the cheering on I need to do this but for now I here the silence of your voice. Jared you are the rock of the Triple alliance and you rubie are like a sister I never had.


The Brownies....Much <3