Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What have you learned today?

This is something I read from LadyTrina. It is the essence of who I am and what keeps me feeling good about myself.

What have you learned today?

There was a very over weight woman with stained yellow teeth and 6 toes on her left foot who I use to work with in a government job many years ago.She would come in everyday and said "Good Morning" to everyone, even to a girl she knew, a particular person, who would think it was funny to call her in the office by making cow noises.I worked there 8 months and got word that I was being transferred to a different office. My last day I was in the lunch room alone with her. She looked at me and told me I needed to paint my nails to match that really pretty pink shirt I have. Now that the ice was broken I asked her, "Why don't you file a harrassment charge on so and so for treating you like that?" She said, "Girl! I could careless what her or anyone else thinks of me. I know myself, I love myself, I hate no one. Let them, her, say what they feel." She was silent for a minute, then chimed up and said, "besides in 2 weeks I'll be the new office manager."From that day, from her, I learned that confidence and the ability to give compliments are 2 things that makes someone beautiful.

I welcome any critizism, ignorance and jealousy, because:"I don't care what you or anyone else thinks. I know myself, I love myself, I hate no one. Say what you feel!" But, just know, in 2 weeks I could possibly be your office manager. :) Now I ask this, what positive thing have you learned from a different ethnicity?


The Brownies....Much <3