Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The lost for words

Its that lost of words. that point where everything you wanted to say just couldn't come out. It wouldn't. Like a mind of its own, jumbled in a knot, told you that it just can't find the words to explain. It never easy to be yourself for fear the other might reject and again alone you re in the dangerous circle of life. Powerful things have always been done by the use of words, but in the simple moment of intense hormones you find yourself at that lost of words. Even when the feelings are mutual you never really know why the other side is feeling the way it is. Never knowing that if the same feelings are balanced between two objects. But maybe that's why it is. because there aren't really ever any words to explain the true feelings one feels for another person. Just the words that are used to lightly. Its that lost for words that express more then any word in the dictionary can ever do. We will all be at a lost for words one day.


The Brownies....Much <3