Monday, February 16, 2009

I don't condone violence just in video games

The blunt force trauma, the sick feeling, the sharp pain in the back of my neck hit me all at once. I realized what I wanted for a long time what I really wanted to do was right in front of me. For about four weeks it had been staring me in the face and I didn't even see it. It was about 9th grade I realized that I wanted to be a game designer and thats where I set my eyes on going to Florida. I am here to say I didn't make it to Florida. After 15 grueling minutes of Mr. Aksoy I realized I must stick close to home. Thats where I set my eyes on HCC - West Loop. It wasn't a bad decision I made new friends and decided to take up business as a major. Sure I want to open a coffee shop and go into business with my pals as of this weekend all plans of that are on hold. That sharp pain found my soft spot uncovering the desire half covered. Jenn reveiled to me during Lunch before the Wii Party Tournament that the party was being trown by the DevRev Club of the Department of Game Design and Simulation. What happens now that my old friend I once called a dream came back from almost sudden death. Its a party in my head now I know what I really want to do is now availiable to me so as you probably thought I am now in the process of changing my Major and I feel its the best decision I wanted to make.


The Brownies....Much <3