Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Busy Business

OMG!!!!! I can't believe I did this. I miss my blog and things made me do this. Well Classes and Sims 2 (so freaking addicting). I know you must want to know why it took me this long. Well First off SPRING BREAK is here and Houston is not exactly spring weather happy. There ain't a cloud in site and not talking about weather. I am happy.

Relief Comes In Different Shades of Fun

I got a small amount of closure from my 4 year crush. Just to finally find out that she knew this whole time that I liked her(madly liked more like loved), but IT does raise some other alarms. But not going to get into this right now. lol I know you want more.

Sim 2 Is So Freaking Addicting

OMG again!!!! Everyday hours at a time. I can't stop. I have sim-biotic relationship with my Sim. Jacob, Alex, and Summer Legacy moved to the wonderful neighborhood of Pleasantview into a beautiful house on Main street. Weeks later after Jacob got a small pay raise and a promotion from mail room clerk, Him and Alex got busy. 9 Sim days later Lucky Twins Crispin and Brady Legacy became a nice addition to the household. LMAO I will stop there.

Facebook, Jon Crem's Tees, And Pure Adrenaline

My attention is plan and simple. Two babies(on facebook), My Tee Shirt shop(yep), and not getting any sleep lol. As of the Tenth of march a Shirt Shop inspired by my bestie Jared's email is in process of giving me the experience of birth-child-joyness. The Custom Shirt shop will be a major imagination baby for The Crems and I. The no sleep thing I will just have to try to fix that Spring is hibernation season for me lol and the Business stuff is my nut I have to gather for when I am done. My Facebook babies, Mehmed and Myia are the joys of my life. Myia is an adopted baby Jared and I are parenting. Mehmed is a replicated Baby after Mehmed Milanovic. Well Yeah I do my stuff and If I have to vent I will come back although nobody reads this.

A Nick, Norah and Manzy Buzz

Hanging out at the West Loop is fun especially when you meet people like Mel, Miguel, Michael, T.K., Andy, Wendy+ friend, The Starburst Lady, and Luis. It's cool there. I meet Miguel through Manzy and from there we became great friends. It turns out I am his Norah and he my nick. The only person remotely close who has a passion close to mine about Blue October, plus I got him hooked on some songs he didn't know about like; Ingrid, The Lonely Island(now he wants to be called the Jizz Master), and sort of expanded his thoughts on Lily Allen. 


Sim-Biot said...

u met miguel though....luis.....not me

The Brownies....Much <3