Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not a Cruch just Something that Respects Me

YOu don't ask then I won't ignore it. I am not going to pu myself in the position of being a burden. The thing I am not saying are the things I know you don't want to hear. Sure I am willing to hear your problems and give you some type of detailed feedback. I respect you. Any person who is willing to try to be my friend is a respected individual in my book. I know you aren't really my friend but the friend of a freind and I come with the package. No my saturdays might be filled up but just n extended invitation to hang out would be a delight, a sign that you are really willing to bemy freind. But I might not be worth it. I now must come to terms thatI have a life and I need to do what I can to worry about what Michael wants and needs and not whats desired of the group. THe HSA menatality is gone. You are on your way out to. I am a passenger not the driver, but I am now taking over this ship and we are headed towards self-enlightenment. I understand we can't always be together or that we have to split so that oneof us is not held down but you know we will always have our memories. I argue to poke fun or to release the sadness pouring from my eyes. But there is that person who will walk into your life and give you meaning. Someone you could give your heart to and hope 89% they are feeling the same. Friends come and go and memories tend to change with age. Sure we're cool but do you really mean it. Alone with my thoughts.....ITs quiet and thats good.


The Brownies....Much <3