Tuesday, March 24, 2009

10 to 4

Things run in circles it may work differently for you and I know I am different. Timing has its perks although akward its its the best feeling of all. When it smiles and no one has the same expression and all you can do is smile back. I don't have to be that man, I know that now. Tried so hard to besomething I wasn't. I know you hav tried but Its not good for you. Sometimes you are the person you have to be even if it is the demon in the mirror. I understand the pain of feeling lonely something you hate but can't help but feel. Not even the friends in the world can change that. They tell you the right person will come around and you shrug that "meaningless" advice off. But I think what they really mean is wait. Wait till they find you. Wait till the lonelyness takes its toll on you to the point where you just stop trying to find that person. At that point you are the lonelyest. Thats what they don't tell you. I admit some don't even make it to that point and some do but never make it out. The relatios might think they know everything but it takes one at his or her lowest point emotionally and mentally to hit the nail on the gun. My point is I won't give up and nether shoud you. I'm just waiting now.


The Brownies....Much <3